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Benefits of Workman’s Comp

There are various benefits enjoyed by employees under workman’s comp. A major benefit under workman’s comp is medical benefits. This applies the moment an employee is injured during working hours. An employee will enjoy all these benefits until he is cured. These payments are made directly to the healthcare provider. In this case the employee will have ample time to heal. The physician to offer treatment is sometimes chosen depending on the wishes of the employee. In other cases employees don’t get a chance to choose. All the medical costs, surgical fees and nursing care expenses are normally catered for by the workman’s comp provider. There is also rehabilitation benefits provided if you they are necessary for your treatments. When an employee suffers a serious injury this might be very beneficial. Travel expenses to and from the medical facilities are also covered by the workman’s comp.

Another benefit offered under the workman’s comp is indemnity benefits. It is possible for an employee to be unable to work after an accident. They may also fail to receive the same pay they used to receive before the accident. This means they will lose their income and their lifestyle will also diminish. In this case the payments are always dependent on the extent of the injuries. For example there are those injuries that are meant to recover after a certain period of time. In this case the employee can be assigned light duties when he returns to work.

In this case the employee will enjoy benefits such as lost wages. An employee may also suffer from a permanent injury such as loss of an eye. The payments in this case will be made for years. An employee may also suffer permanent disability that means he cannot return to work. In this case the benefits will be paid for medical costs. Other payments are paid within the duration of the disability. The employee will also enjoy these benefits if cannot work until he is recovered. These are kind of injuries that require bed rest or hospitalization. All the medical bills and lost wages are paid in this case by the workman’s comp.

Death benefits are also offered under the workman’s comp. Death benefits ensures that the funeral costs and dependents needs are all covered. Death benefits are enjoyed under specific conditions. In this case the death should have been caused by a work related injury. A request for the death benefits must also be applied within a specific period of time. The law determines how the dependents will be paid. For instance the children’s payments are made until they are of legal age. Employees benefit a lot from the benefits under the workman’s comp.

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