4 Best Tips to Enjoy and Explore Goa at Its Best

Needless to say, scenic beauty, nightlife, sea, palm tree and lot more are in numerous attractions of Goa. Before visiting there, I had noticed an unraveling madness in people just by the name GOA. What is it so vivacious in Goa? Before you visit there difficult to know. So now if you ask me What to do in Goa….apart from all tourist spots and grandeur over there I can give you one single reason that will keep you rocking to be there. What is that? Goa is the place which let ALL, irrespective of any age or gender, unleash the wild self out and rock into full masti with other fellow mates and likeminded platform.

Live Party with nature

Before noting things to do in Goa, let find it another way around. If not to do anything like your type in Goa, then what? Goa never let anyone go with a heavy heart. Definitely, you love blue waves, sunrise, and sunset, but then how about party music matching with the mood of nature sitting on the beach with the sand and blue waves? Goa has 25 exclusive beaches and sand stretch. There are superfluous beach shacks with music, drink, and party. Baga, AnjunaCandolim, and Calangute and lot more has resorts, bars and other hospitality centers for trans music, party music, and night clubs.

Paragliding followed by massage, yoga, and spa

If you wish to fly high delving into the sky and experience the vastness of the sea, Goa has Paragliding option for you. Enjoy cliffs, sea, efficacy of the Old Portuguese architecture of Goa and the countryside as well. At Arambol and Harmal beaches this facility is available but doesn’t bug your pocket.

Followed by the sky diving you can ground with pampering yourself with spa and massage centers available on the shore to impulse your care amidst the lap of Mother Nature.

Water sports thrills

When it comes to water sports Goa is the ever-best option. Parasailing, speed boat, windsurfing, waterskiing, water scooters, dinghy sailing, banana boat rides, and boogie boarding are an array of options for sea and wave lovers.

If you want to touch the calm nature of sweet water through streams and rivers of Goa flaring through rocks, glides, birds and sometimes dolphins as well then Kayaking is the option for you. The tranquil nature and Goanese culture will take you through lane of memories that will ever remain fresh.

White water rafting, snorkeling, scuba diving, and dolphin tours will also take you through adventure and fun. The cruiser is again another option for you. With music, shows, and fun you can dine or be at cruiser restaurants.

Gambling – They call it Casino Gambling

In Goa gambling is legal as it is a tradition there. An array of Casino gambling is there. Try your luck and take the fun no hindrance. The private resort casino is there for indulgence. But for commons, it is available inside ships are boats as well.

Apart from sightseeing and enjoying the sea do not forget to unleash yourself with these special events!!