Where to Stay?

Whether traveling a long distance or somewhere closer to home, the type of hotel can make all of the difference. Arguably, some vacationers spend little to no time in the hotel. However, even the hours that are slept can make or break what should be a relaxing vacation experience. Hotels, motels, hostels, AirB&B, and all-inclusive resorts have very different things to offer guests. Consider looking for these specific amenities in a hotel before booking that reservation to increase overall relaxation and enhance maximum staying pleasure.

Types of Accommodations

Hotels are often times associated with having more amenities with a higher quality and cleanliness overall. They include places such as the Hyatt and Marriot. Motels are a sub-category that frequently are less costly, but also have fewer amenities. They can include places like Super 8, Best Western, and Econo Lodge. Hostels are more of group accommodations. It should be expected that the room will be split between multiple parties and have bunk-bed-like sleeping arrangements with a shared bathroom. Some hostels have private rooms, but a shared bathroom among many guests. These are often very inexpensive. Finally, AirB&B and Bed and Breakfast accommodations are inside of a home. With AirBnB, you rent out the house or room itself. Bed and Breakfast is like staying with a relative who will cook and clean for you (although you may have to share a bathroom). Travel Talk Tours Review compares several different vacation accommodations and amenities they offer.


Location is everything. Despite the type of accommodation, those which are closest to main parts of the city or tourist attractions will always cost more. However, this cost may be balanced depending on how much will have to be spent in transportation costs. Consider which destinations are part of the travel plan and then look at the accommodations accordingly.


Hotels, motels, and even hostels will offer airport shuttles. Some even have shuttles for nearby attractions. Check out the cost of local transportation, including busses, trains, and metros to determine if this is a necessary amenity.


For some travelers, having a pool, jacuzzi, gym, and business center are all important elements of the ideal accommodation. Despite if you are planning to use them or not, it is a good idea to consider if you would use them should there be untimely weather or another incident occur that will leave you relaxing at the hotel itself.


Do not dismiss reviews and star ratings. When looking at accommodations, always read through the second and third pages of reviews being sure to check out those that are positive as much as the negative ones. Customer reviews will reveal the truth behind cleanliness, service, and even any problems with electronic devices. Star ratings should be no lower than a 3.5. Be advised that some hotels that receive a 5.0 rating will either have much fewer ratings than others or may have paid employers posting reviews about the hotel just to boost ratings. That’s why reading the negative reviews can pay off in the long run.


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